Rachel is a soprano with a high belt, actress and teaching artist who plays the flute. Growing up next to the Amish community in Freedom, Indiana did not lend itself to cultivating her passion for the arts, so Rachel’s parents drove her an hour every day to train at Indiana University in voice and dance and sent her to NYC every summer to continue training. This education was invaluable in bolstering her love of acting, leading her to pursue professional theatre. She graduated as Valedictorian with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from Abilene Christian University and has worked in the theatrical field ever since. In addition to performing, Rachel has also had the opportunity to choreograph and direct multiple youth productions and become a teaching artist, specializing in Musical Theatre Dance, Improv, and Building A Play. When not occupied in the arts, you could probably find Rachel either exploring new worlds in fantasy novels and sci-fi movies or going on adventures with her handsome, introverted, wonderfully non-theatrical husband, Evan.